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Skiing areas in the Queyras


Downhill skiing

The Queyras offers 105km of trails for downhill skiing, spread over the resorts of Abriès (30 km), Arvieux (15 km), Ceillac (21 km) and Molines Saint-Véran (36 km).

With a single pass you can ski at any of these resorts, although there are no linking slopes between them. You will have to drive or, better, take a shuttle (see the prices for the lift-passes).


This is downhill skiing in a protected natural environment where the sun reigns supreme. No vast wide ski-slopes. Everything here is on a human scale – or the scale of the larch trees. No crowding at the foot of the slopes, no endless queues for ski-lifts.

  • Abriès, with its magnificent views over Monte Viso.
  • Arvieux, ideal for beginners and families with children.
  • Ceillac, on the slopes of the Ubac overlooking the valley of l’Ubaye.
  • Molines-Saint-Véran, on the slopes of the Ubac overlooking the valley of l’Ubaye.

Map of the Queyras ski slopes



Details of the Queyras ski resorts

  Pistes Altitude en bas Altitude sommet Dénivelée Nombre remontées  Type remontées (1)
Abriès 30km 1550m 2450m 900m 6 1 D 6 places
Arvieux 15km 1680m 2110m 460m 5 1 ND 3 places<
Ceillac 21km 1600m 2500m 770m 5 1 D 6 places
Molines Saint-Véran 36km 1750m 2900m 1150m 13 1 D 4 places
et 1 ND 4 places

(1) : D = detachable lift  -  ND = non-detachable lift



Ski touring in Queyron (Arvieux)

Nordic skiing

With almost 150 trails and marked itineraries for Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing, the Queyras is one of the foremost resorts in the southern Alps for these sports.

Four areas, all within the Regional Natural Park, are spread over four valleys (click to see the maps):

If you love high and breathtaking mountain landscapes, then go up to Col d’Izoard (Arvieux) or Col Agnel (Molines). If you prefer the valley bottoms with their beautiful larch forests and villages buried under the snow, then follow the valley of the Haut-Guil (from Château-Queyras to Ristolas) or the valley of Le Mélézet (Ceillac), or go up to Lac de Roue (Arvieux).

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